Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapy

The Musculo – Skeletal Physiotherapy is a branch, where application of physiotherapy is involved in the treatment of physical ailments concerned with structures surrounding the joint region such as Bones, Muscles, Ligaments and Bursa.

Some of the conditions dealt in this branch are:

Muscle pain, strain
Muscle tear
Joint stiffness
Ligament strain, sprain, tear Inability to walk
Inflammation of tendons and bursa
Joint pain, poor posture
Joint inflammation in case of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis

Duppala Sateesh Kumar

db13c53a-0d02-4e3f-83e0-dd559ebdfb3a Asst. Prof., BPT, CKTT, MPT(SPORTS), CDTT

Rineesh K

538ae326-e922-4b08-99f6-b82f0abd167b Asst. Prof., BPT, MPT (Musculo-skeletal & Sports)

Aqeel Ahammed